Once upon a time...

I used to be a computer professional. I developed software for technical uses. But alas, if you live in Germany, you are considered too old to program if you survived your 30th birthday. (In the goodold days which are now forever gone you were allowed to work until 40)

I was born in 1957 and I have studied physics where I have aquired a diploma (equivalent of Masters Degree in science) in 1985. I started working as a software-engineer and all that's left of my first career are sad and fading memories of an once proud and successful past.

Oh yes, I still know how to use antique programming languages like Assembler, Basic, Fortran, PASCAL, C, C++ or Java - but who needs an old programmer?

And, yes, I could do again, what I once have programmed:

- Central components in wireless network

- Battery-buffered fault-memory at ICE passenger-wagon

- CAD for concrete precasting

- Control programs for steel cutting Machines

- Cutting optimization for bar cutting machines

- Production planning and controlling in steel-bending facility

So, if you have a job for an old man doing old man things - here I am.