Nowadays I work as an author. I write in German and for my novells I am still searching a publisher. No one ever told me I'm a bad writer, but still no one dares to publish these books.
This is a small book about the things that went wrong in Germany. Once this country was very rich and could support all and everything in the whole European Comunity. But now Germany has descended. Everything you hear is about deficit, saving money and higher taxes.
But there is still potential in this country of mine. There is money but it went in the wrong pockets. Here are several ways to use this money for the better of Germany and its people.
This is the first book of a whole series of sci-fi novels. They are based on an alternative earth, where Atlantis never drowned. A man from our world - yes, some guy from Würzburg, my own home-town - was transferred to this other earth. There he mets Thoras, an Atlantean youth. They both start as slaves. They are longing for freedom and afterwards they have to survive in a world sometimes strange and sometimes very similar to our own.